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It is a service provided by the Ministry of Justice to enable the citizen / the party that feels that any of his rights provided for in the law is violated, that there no integrity, there is favoritism, conflict of interest or any illegal practice to submit a complaint through the Complaints Department at the Ministry of Justice.
The department receives citizens’ complaints (an individual or non-governmental organizations) alleging the violation of rights provided for in the law, complaints relating to the non-enforcement of final judgments, the follow-up of same, the reply to the complainant and their documentation. The department is considered a mediator between the ministry on the one side and the complainant on the other. It is a two-way channel to follow-up complaints after transferring them from the complainant to the targeted party inside or outside the ministry.

The competence of the Complaints Department:

The department addresses complaints received by it according to SoPs in the light of all the written information provided by the complainant.

  • To attain its goals, the department shall have the right to ask for any information, data or statistics needed from the pertinent.
  • Refusal of complaints that fall outside its competence or those that are not justified or that have no legal foundations.
  • Inform the complainant in writing or verbally on the outcome of his complaint after addressing them.
  • Get all the documents including public registers that are considered important by the investigation authority for the proper investigation of complaints.
  • Conduct field investigations including visits to prisons, detention centers and the like.
  • Invite the parties to listen to their statements.
  • Refer recommendations based on its findings to the pertinent competent government authority.

 Complaints not addressed by the Complaints Department

  • Complaints before the judiciary or arbitration panels.
  • Complaints of personal or family nature.
  • Personal status complaints as same fall within the competence of SHARIAA and ecclesiastical courts.
  • Complaints subject to an enforced ruling delivered by a Palestinian court and the complaint comply with the applicable laws.
  • Complaints on disputes between individuals and between individuals and private institutions.
  • Complaints previously submitted and rejected by the department and those pertaining to the same previous issue and by the same parties.
  • Complaints that can be addressed by the internal mechanisms of any ministry or government institution.
  • Complaints pertaining to aid for treatment, requests for financial support or for employment.
  • Incomplete complaints.
  • Complaints older than one year.
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