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Explanation of the Service

This service avails citizens the possibility of authentication and documentation of documents and powers of attorney after the formal and legal review of same.

Citizens can obtain the service from the various branches of the Ministry of Justice:

Ramallah / Al-Massyoun, Nablus / Rafidia, Hebron / Ras Al-Jorah and the old city, Toubas, Jenin / Interior roundabout.

Types of documents that can be authenticated:

  1. All types of powers of attorney and judicial documents.
  2. Documents and translated documents for internal and external use.
  3. Red Cross documents relating to prisoners of war.
  4. Powers of attorney signed before the notaries public in Jerusalem (the applicable special procedures would be clarified to the citizen).
  5. Any document requiring authentication by the enforcement authority whether internally or externally.

* Powers of attorney involving sales require the submittal of (the supporting documents, title deed of the property, deed of inheritance and previous powers of attorney).

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