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Anti-Corruption Commission

Takes preventive measures to prevent corruption and enforce law by detecting and prosecuting persons who commit corruption crimes through the Anti-Corruption Prosecution team. To deliver assigned tasks, the PACC is authorised to:

  • Keep financial disclosures.
  • Investigate suspected corruption crimes committed by persons subject to provisions of the relevant Law.
  • Develop the general anti-corruption policy.
  • Receive reports, circulars, and complaints in relation to corruption crimes.
  • Prosecute any person who violates provisions of the Anti-Corruption Law and carry out necessary investigations.
  • Liaise with competent authorities to track, seize and restore properties arising from corruption cases, summon and hear witnesses, and request any files, statements or documents from agencies that possess them.
  • Dissolve or suspend operations of any juridical entity, including companies, associations and the like. Properties of such corporate bodies will be liquidated in case a relevant member, representative or employee commits a corruption crime.
  • Set corruption cases in motion.
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