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High Council of Family Courts

Family courts hear and dispose all personal status cases between Muslims, cases of inheritance, properties and assets dedicated for pious purposes [Waqf], marriage contracts, and divorce certificates. Courts also have jurisdiction over all marriage contracts registered at family courts or by authorised registrars as well as consequences arising therefrom in reference of the Law of Procedure before Family Courts No. 31 of 1959 (West Bank), Law of Procedure before Family Courts No. 12 of 1965 (Gaza), Personal Status Law No. 61 of 1976 (West Bank), and Law on Family Rights issued by Order 303 of 1954 (Gaza). The High Council of Family Courts is also responsible for:

  • Ensuring impartial, effective, integral and independent family court functions with a view to materialise family justice for Palestinian households.
  • Managing courts and judges in accordance with the laws mentioned above.
  • Coordinating supervision of family courts together with the Chief Justice in pursuance of the Law on Formation of Family Courts No. 19 of 1976, its Amendments, and Law by Decree No. 3 of 2012 on Family Courts.
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